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Bird and wildlife watching

Some New Zealand birds are among the rarest and most fascinating in the world. There are also many migratory birds visiting at different times of year. There are special places dedicated to the protection of wildlife where you can see very rare species in the wild.


Braveheart Expeditions has developed exploration tours around New Zealand and the whole pacific. Enjoy your adventures like bird watching, wildlife viewing, natural history and culture.

Film Making & Documentary

During the last 20 years, we have had many adventures with international film teams such as National Geographic and Discovery Channel.
Braveheart Expeditions Wreck Diving Tours


Braveheart Expeditions offer an epic adventure. Together with Sealark Exploration the leading provider of WWII exploration in the pacific, we give you the opportunity to explore undiscovered WWII underwater wrecks.

Diving Charter Expeditions - Rent your dream!


Discover the local areas around New Zealand. Targeted species include Kingfish, Snapper, Boar Fish, and Crayfish. Our trip includes an experienced skipper and crew who has speared the coast for many years. Enjoy one of the best dive trips around New Zealand.

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