Braveheart Expeditions Travel Tours with Hybrid Catamaran

Finally....A Quick & Easy Way For You To Enjoy Your Weekends With Your Family And Friends

Enjoy your adventure with our 10.4m Electric Hybrid Catamaran

We offer shorter trips for smaller groups on our electric hybrid boat Asea Dsea. With accommodation for up to four, it’s perfect for one or two day voyages. Plus, a trip on an electric hybrid boat is great for the environment, as it has a much-reduced carbon footprint when compared to non-electric vessels. Spend your day feeding sharks, diving among shipwreck ruins, or even exploring deserted islands.

All of our boats are able to be booked in full or reserved by individual cabin on occasion. Each and every Braveheart Expedition is led by an experienced, dedicated captain and a welcoming, hardworking crew that will do everything to make sure that your adventure exceeds your expectations

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